dWater purifier

Increasing peace of mind and
comfort with drinking water purifiers

Now even cooking for infants is no problem,
thanks to the plentiful flow of water from your kitchen faucet.

Use a drinking water purifier along with a central
water purifier to completely remove bacteria and
chlorine odors. Use it to create delicious water.

What are drinking water purifiers?

  • Drinking water purifiers turn water that has been cleaned by a central water purifier to potable water.
  • We offer two types: faucet and dispenser.
    You will no longer need to stock or carry water bottles with this economical product.


Clean water flows from kitchen faucets

Drinking water purifiers allow
for safe and easy access to
drinking water, an important
part of our daily lives.

No longer will you have to put up with using tap water to clean vegetables
and rice, or to cool noodles, or with using bottled water for cooking.
Drinking water purifiers clean the water flowing from your faucets,
for your peace of mind.


Purified water can also be used for drinking

For safe and pleasant water, anytime

Our advanced filters are NSF-certified, and they completely remove bacteria and
chlorine odors. Purified water can be used for cooking,
for daily drinking water, and even for infant milk.