Peace of Mind Support

We begin by testing the water in your home.

This is because the cleanliness and odor of tap water varies from region to region.
Our 20 years of experience in Indonesia and Japan allow us to provide you with the perfect clean water solution.

Evaluation of water quality
  • We test the water quality at your home.
  • We next propose an appropriate water purification solution based on your water quality and the layout of your home.
  • We then present you with the initial costs and a filter replacement plan.
  • Installation is performed by expert construction agents.
  • Once installation is complete, we test your water again to make sure the system is operating properly.
Post-sale service
  • We strictly protect your information and replace your filters periodically.

Delivering peace of mind based on more than
20 years of knowledge and data.

History of TOCLAS water purifiers

1989 IIC, subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Co., begins water purification business
1991 Water purification business begins in Indonesia
- Water purifiers installed in the factories of 32 Japanese companies as well as in many restaurants
- A total of 40,000 water purifiers sold in Indonesia
2010 Water purification business transferred from Yamaha Motor Co. to Yamaha Living Tech (currently, TOCLAS)
2014 Begins water purification business in Indonesia as TOCLAS Corporation