Central Water Purifier TW300

Plenty of water for household use in daily life. A two-stage filter for clean water in your house whenever you want it.


High performance, two-step filter creates 30 liters of clean water per minute The high-performance two-pass filter thoroughly removes turbidity, rust, and unpleasant colors or odors,
making the water throughout the house clean and safe to use.
* To create drinking water, a water purifier for drinking water is also required.
Primary filter/ TOCLAS pleated filter
Point 1
Large water volume

Remarkably large filter area
Because the contaminants do not accumulate in a thick layer, the water flow continues.
Point 2
Contaminants do not escape

Microfiber uniform filter
Designed with the optimum mesh size to thoroughly trap contaminants.
Secondary filter/ Activated-carbon formed filter
Point 1
Large water volume

Remarkably large filter area
Because the contaminants do not accumulate in a thick layer, the water flow continues.30 layers
Point 2
Contaminants do not escape

Formed with uniform gaps
The ideally formed uniform gaps thoroughly trap contaminants.
Point 3
Thoroughly removes substances that cause discoloration and odors

Carefully selected highperformance, activated carbon
TOCLAS has conducted research on activated carbon for many years and uses carefully selected safe activated carbon that has high performance.
    • Pleated filter
    • Activated charcoal molded filter
    Replaceable cartridge filters

    Uniform factory-made cartridges are used for the replaceable filters. Replacing these filters restores your water purifier to its factory performance, and can be performed quickly and cleanly.

    Coarse activated carbon···
    Fine activated-carbon powder and harmful substances may dissolve into the water.

  • Water quality testing & maintenance service

    When the water purifier is used for a long time, the filter will gradually become clogged and the flow rate (water force) will decrease. Although the filter life becomes shorter as the amount of contaminants in the water increases, this is proof that the filter is thoroughly removing contaminants. At TOCLAS, we are confident in the water-purifying performance of our products. We test the water quality of the purified water and report the results to you.
    In addition, in order for our customers to comfortably enjoy using our water purifiers, we notify each household of the optimum filter replacement period based on the water quality and water usage at the time of purchase and during maintenance so that our customers can save money without worries.

    • Superior weather-resistant performance allows for installation outdoors
    • Compact body allows for installation indoors
    Compact and sturdy

    In addition to a compact design that allows it to be installed anywhere, parts such as its container, piping, and even screws are made from high quality stainless steel (SUS304) to allow rust-free, clean utilization for a long time. The TW300 boasts an attractive design that is strong and offers superior pressure resistance.

Installation Example


Model Central Water Purifier TW300
Purifier Material Stainless steel (SUS304)
Filtered Substances Primary filter Impurities
Secondary filter Residual chlorine, iron particles, colors, odors
Maximum Weight When Full Approximately 90.2 kg
Dimensions Width 748 mm, depth 333 mm, height 893 mm (max.)