Drinking Water Purifier w/ Faucet TWD7

Use with a central water purifier for clean drinking water.
Connects to kitchen faucets easily for convenient cooking and vegetable washing.



  • For use in cooking

    Unlike with bottled water, use as much water as you want without worrying about how much is left.

  • For drinking

    Removes bacteria and chlorine odors, leaving you with delicious water.

  • Simply attach the drinking water purifier to your kitchen or washroom faucets for clean drinking water.* Central Water Purifier TW300 is required for safer and more secure drinking water.
  • Easy maintenance

    Cartridges are mounted on the outside of the unit for easy replacement.

  • Advanced cartridges

    Our dedicated JC-1500 cartridges are NSF-certified. They provide clean drinking water without bacteria or odors.

  • Environmentally friendly and space-consciousConvenient: no need to stock plastic bottles or install gallon tanks. Reduces bottle usage, and is environmentally friendly and economical.

Installation Example

*The water purifier pictured is the TW300. The TW200 can also be installed.


Drinking Water Purifier w/ Faucet TWD7Incompatible Faucets
Model Water Purification Cartridge JC-1500
Residual chlorine removal performance 97.30%
Particle removal performance (Particle size of 0.5 to 1 μm) 99.8%
Filtration 2.5 liters/minute
Rated life 7.3 cubic meters