dWater purifier

A safe life created
from clean water

Refreshing showers, water that is gentle on skin and hair…
a life with safe and clean water.

We take showers to feel clean and refreshed, so we require clean, fresh-smelling, and safe water.

What is a central
water purifier?

Central water purifiers clean
all the water in your home.
· They allow you to use 30 liters of clean water
per minute for around one year, whether in the kitchen,
bathroom, washroom, or laundry.
*If using the TW300
(amount of water used during a shower
[reference]: 12 liters per minute)

· The system uses replaceable cartridge filters to
maintain top performance throughout the life of the product.

· To create drinking water, a water purifier for drinking water is also required.

Illustration of the TW300 installed


Water that is gentle on the skin

Water makes direct contact with the skin, so it must be safe

Harmful substances in water can damage the skin and hair. Our high performance, two-step filter removes these substances efficiently.
The primary filter has a surface area equivalent to that of two Ping-Pong tables and thoroughly catches impurities.
The secondary filter is made from specially treated activated charcoal. It absorbs minute substances including residual chlorine and odors.
Both filters can be replaced. Replaceable cartridge filters maintain water purification performance throughout the life of the product.
(A two-pass filter is available in the TW300 only. Customers whose water quality permits the use of a one-pass filter can use the TW200.)

  • After

  • Before


Plenty of water

Plenty of water to wash away your daily fatigue

The TW200 purifies 15 liters of household water per minute, and the TW300 filters 30 liters per minute. (Amount of water used during a shower [reference]: 12 liters per minute.)
The surface area of the filter is wide, and activated charcoal is distributed evenly throughout the filter to allow for sufficient water flow.